Telegram Auto Forwarding

Automatically forward messages from Channels, Users and Groups (private or public)

Why "Auto Forward Messages" Is BEST For You?

You can't choose between vacation or work? With my BOT, you can do both! This BOT is your telegram assistant. Take back your time and let us do our magic.

Unlimited Users

Up to 56000 users and upgradeable

Free Trial

No need to pay, just register and use during beta.

Multiple Forward

Forward from anything (be it public or private)

Highest Performance

From any bot available currently with 0 downtime (up to 500 msg/min)

Access Permission

No need for you to be admin in source, you just need to be a member

Clone Source

Message gets edited, deleted, replied just as it happens in source

Plans for User Big and Small

Unlimited facilities, easy subscription, training, and trial free for 7 days



$4.99 /mo
  • No Sponsored Ads
  • 15 Forward Task
  • 15 Manage Setup


$7.99 /mo
  • No Sponsored Ads
  • Unlimited Forward Task
  • Unlimited Manage Setup


$12.99 /mo
  • Diamond ++
  • Translate Language
  • Watermark

What Makes "Telegram Forward Bot" Stand Out

This is a bot used forwarding messages from one/multiple groups to others. The way it does is by using your telegram account and when a message (you have configured) comes, it sees it and rewrites it to the channels you want. You can edit the way the message looks, filter it, delay and change words.

Why do I have to give account access to your bot?

There are many reasons why our bot needs account access and to cover them all here would be a long read so instead we will show you an example of features between a bot which can be used without account connection and our bot.